Coffee with Marissa

June 12, 2013

Marissa Lovell, pianist, singer, actress, swimmer, research assistant, bright, charming, delightful, a little shy, beautiful, coffee lover and our 1st Scholarship recipient. Jon Wallace and I met Marissa for coffee recently and learned lots about her.

We sat at Alterra coffee at the lakefront and chatted for almost 2 hours.  Both Jon and I said we wish we could do that with our OWN children!  Marissa had the patience to sit with two almost 50 year old strangers and talk about school, life, work, music, our experiences at WFBHS,and whatever else popped into our heads.

She is the oldest of four children, ages ranging from 18 to 10.   She is passionate about piano, and hopes to continue her lessons in college.  She will be leaving for Pittsburgh at the end of August.  She grew up in Pittsburgh so it’s a comfortable city for her.  She is looking forward to school but is going to miss her Labradoodle, Bella a lot.  By the end of our afternoon, we were strangers no more.

marissacoffeeWe sent her on her way with a bouquet of summer flowers and a coffee mug bearing the words, of Gandhi – “Be the change you wish for the world.”  Jon commented in a few years she will have her own beautiful quote on a coffee mug….because that’s the kind of amazing girl she is.

You, too, can meet Marissa and her family at the Swine Social, July 6th.  Marissa and her sister will be face painting, hanging out, and having fun with us.  Come join us.  See you in three weeks!

— Beth Brahe

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