First Annual Swine Social

The Swine Social July, 2013

I just got off the phone with Lori Ventura; she was excited to hear about the 1st Annual Swine Social.  I was babbling away, as usual, about all the fun, food, families and most importantly friends.  She told me a story about accompanying her father to his 50th high school reunion in Hawaii.  She said at their 50th they finally got a sense that the cliques and the pettiness were gone.  Well, let me tell you, we are WAY ahead of the game, and it’s been the best time of my life.  Here is what a few of our classmates had to say about our party…

Lynn Anderson – “I am really enjoying reconnecting with so many smart interesting people.”

KC Doyle Poulos – “So glad I made the effort to attend the first annual 82 Project Picnic! Being able to goof around with long-time friends is like food for the soul!  And as Mary Jane put it, this was another great way to get to know classmates that we didn’t hang out with necessarily, but that are now a great source of friendship!  Our shared past has provided us with common ground that makes it easy to laugh, share and have a lot of fun together.  Making the commitment to get together like this also shows how much we care about our classmates and those attending WFB now.  I’m personally going to hound my St. Monica’s classmates to be there for next year’s picnic!”

Larry Bushner – “Was a great day and was wonderful seeing all of you!”

Beth Klawitter Barutha –  “Just wanted to say thank you to you and all of those involved in organizing the ‘82 Project’s 1st Annual Swine Social!  Congratulations on a successful first event!  It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect with some wonderful friends and support the ‘82 Project.  Beautiful day, great food, good friends (old and new), and the opportunity to help make a difference in the community…doesn’t get much better than that!  Please count me in to help out with the next fundraiser.“

Beth Brahe – “Awesomeness is happening”

The 82 Project is all of us!  It’s not just a charity but a network of friends. Please come to a Second Friday meeting (it’s not really a meeting) next one is August 9th, 7pm at the Estabrook Beer Garten.  Reconnect, hang out, laugh and leaving smiling.  I know you will look forward to it every month.


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