Matching Funds Kick-off

May 21, 2013 Emailing to Class of ’82 Members – Welcome to The ’82 Project!

Members of the Whitefish Bay High School Class of 1982 signing their names below formed The ’82 Project, a non-profit that provides scholarships for graduating Whitefish Bay High School seniors and financial, social, and community support to classmates in need. You can learn much more about the organization and what it means to you by clicking here to visit

Get Involved With Our Scholarship Presentation (May 22) and Fundraiser (Meeting a Challenge Match by Aug. 31)

Geoff Heeren and Beth Brahe, who co-founded The ’82 Project in response to the December 2012 passing of our classmate TJ Pruscha, will present our inaugural scholarship on May 22 at the Whitefish Bay High School Awards Night (7pm at WFBHS), along with fellow officers of The ’82 Project, John O’Neil and Jon Wallace. Please feel free to join us that evening and congratulate the recipient, who will receive $500 per year for the next four years, as well as ongoing support in the form of care packages, assistance with resume writing, interview preparation, summer job search, internships, as well as honorary membership in the class of ’82 and lifetime membership in The ’82 Project.

Next up on our agenda is a fundraising drive to meet a $2,500 matching challenge from a generous, anonymous donor we are calling “Pat”!

  • Our window of opportunity for matching donations starts today and will expire when Pat has paid out $2,500 or on Aug. 31, whichever comes first.For donations of $1 to $100, Pat will match every dollar! (For donations greater than $100, Pat will match the first $100 only.)
  • The offer applies only to donations made by Whitefish Bay High School Class of 1982 Graduates (If you work for a company that provides the benefit of matching your personal donations, Pat will accommodate those donations as long as the total donation is made in your name: $100 maximum total donation; $50 from you, $50 from your company = $100 from Pat)
  • Depending on the success of this drive, Pat has made it clear that this type of gift can happen for many years to come.

You can donate through the PayPal account on our website or by check made out to “The ’82 Project” and mailed to:

The ’82 Project
c/o Whitefish Bay High School
1200 E. Fairmount
Whitefish Bay, WI 53217

Your contributions to this drive will help fund scholarships. We will separately raise funds to ensure we also can assist classmates in need.

Of course, there is much more to The ’82 Project than just raising and sharing funds. As we officers of The ’82 Project have experienced, this organization provides tremendous opportunity for community and connection. We hope you will join us in every way possible.

Beth Brahe, Geoff Heeren, David Jacobson, John O’Neil, Kathleen (Cavanaugh) Richmond, Jeff Urdan, Lori Ventura, and Jon Wallace



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