BethBA part of me was amazed and part of me “just got it” when I saw the enthusiasm from our classmates and their desire to get involved in The 82 Project Foundation. I’m so proud to be a part of the WFBHS class of 1982, and re-kindling the spirit we shared so many years ago, and  really getting to know all the familiar faces I didn’t know so well in high school.

BethB1As for me… I took the long road through College and got my degree after putting myself through school..…working full time as I studied. I know the struggles many families and kids go through and understand how difficult it can be trying to make everything work. That’s why I’m committed to The 82 Project Foundation.  Supporting each other is truly what it’s all about.

Beth and JohnI share my life and home, just north west of Whitefish Bay, with my awesome son Andrew and the most wonderful man in the world, John. Together we are un-stoppable!