Essential to “The ’82 Project” is the idea that a community comes together to help those in need.  We are all members of many different communities, both physical and virtual.  Geography, common experiences, common ideals, and the random circumstances that start with our birth, and tangle around us as we make our way in the world all form the great webs that connect us to one another.

These connections are our communities.  Sometimes we forget about them, sometimes we abandon them as we grow and change.  Often their importance waxes and wanes throughout our lives.

But in times of need, this community here, the community of “The ’82 Project” wants to be there for those who’s lives have intersected with ours.  Reaching out to our classmates is one way to maintain and re-build that community.

But sometimes, the best we can do, or the easiest place to start, is by finding the right resources to help you discover the answers you need.  We are not so vain or bright-eyed to believe we can help everyone.  Sometimes professionals from other communities are your best option, particularly as you first start to explore what it is that you need now, at this point in your life.

With that in mind, we have collected the following resources that we hope can help you.  If you have a resource that has helped you, and that you would like added to this list, please add it in the comments section below.



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