Second Friday of the Month Club

April 26, 2013

So…okay… I get up this morning and call Geoff Heeren, as I have on other Saturdays after the Second Friday Club has met.  I am rambling and rambling about how much fun it was, how Nancy Jacob’s stories made me pee in my pants, how it was great to see MJ (Rosenbaum) Whiting and Dave Jacobson, Jon Wallace (aka Rambo) did not wear cute shoes, and how I was so thankful Karen Bushman was there so I wasn’t the “shiksa in the middle” again.  Lisa Schmidman was there too and the good thing about that is we see each other quite often now….I love that.  So I am babbling to Geoff and he suggests I start a blog.  What!!!  I am thinking – I am a horrible writer….  I write as I speak, sometimes there isn’t flow! Then I thought, so what!  So here it is the first blog of the Second Friday Club***!

We met at the Highland House in Mequon….  It was actually the 4th Friday, sorry to confuse you, but we switched it to accommodate Dave who was in From San Fran visiting. (We would love to tweak the date again if any of you out of towners would like to join)  Nancy Jacobs drove from Neenah and grabbed Karen Bushman on the way, Jon Wallace and Dave Jacobson, MJ (Rosenbaum) Whiting, Lisa Schmidman and moi  (Jon, that’s French for me).  We talked ’82 Project, kids, sports, secret addictions to bad reality TV, old teachers, “wheat”, and dogs but most importantly laughed the entire time. (Honestly, after hearing stories of what some classmates did during their lunch hour – I question why I was voted “most likely to end up in jail”!) It was truly a great time and look forward to the next one!

2ndFriAp2013I encourage all of you to join us May 10th at Libby Montana’s for fun, friends, happy hour and the ’82 Project.  We have a very special thing happening here…not only do we have a common goal in the 82 project but also a chance to build new friendships with familiar faces.  Come and see for yourself how lucky we are to have each other; I promise you will have a wonderful evening and leave with body aches from laughing so hard. (Search Facebook for Second Friday of the Month Club, please add anyone I have missed – all are welcome)

I hope to see you soon! – Beth Brahe

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