Second Friday of the Month Club

July 13, 2013 at the Iron Horse

Originally we had planned to head to Larry Bushner’s side of the woods, Café Hollander in Tosa. But Chris Schmid had heard Hart Park Fest was happening and we didn’t want to hassle with parking. So we made a last minute change, Iron Horse. Good call, Larry’s beautiful daughter, Lauren was working security in “The Yard” that night. We assured her we would try not to get out of hand. Larry also pointed out that all the furniture in The Yard (that’s what they call the beer garden at The Iron Horse) was made by John McWilliam’s company. The furniture is amazing, industrial and very, very cool. I think we all felt a sense of pride knowing one of us had helped to create such a beautiful space.

We met at 7pm MJ Whiting, Larry and I. Chris Schmid showed up right after a long meeting and Dawn Wroblewski, once again drove an hour as soon as she finished work! Another great night, MJ and I talking kids camp, Chris talking drum sticks and then making “the moves” on TJ, Dawn, chilling out after work and then her long drive. It was nice, relaxing and fun.2nd friday iron horse

We also talked about the Swine Social, our schedules that day, and helping out with the event. We all agreed it will be a great event and will continue to get better for years to come. I am chairing the event, which honestly, kinda made me nervous. I can be very unorganized sometimes. Thankfully, Larry several months ago had offered to “help”. I thought, awesome… less pressure for me and I will get to know Larry better. Little did I know at that time we would soon become not just good but great friends.

Larry Bushner is one of the most talented and best guys I know! Quick background on Larry, he has been very happily married for years (I would say over 21 years because that’s how old Lauren is 🙂 ! He has lived in Vegas and all of over Milwaukee until settling in Wauwatosa, where his wife Shari grew up. He has two children, Lauren and Ian. Ian just got his driver’s license last week, making Larry feel old. Larry currently is a chef for an Aurora Hospice. Think about that. He is able to pour his heart and soul and lots of love into every dish, he serves delicious, savory and very special meals to all of the families during their stay. He once had a daughter of a gentleman in the Hospice ask if she could hold her wedding ceremony several months early so her father would be able to attend. It took Larry a day and a half to create a beautiful spread for 150 people, right there in the Hospice. He loves his job and he definitely has the compassion to go along with it. But Larry’s true, true passion (other than his wife and children) is ice sculpting. Years ago while working at the Renaissance Inn on Port Rd Larry worked in the kitchen with a guy who sculpted. Interest, curiosity, whatever it was, prompted him become his apprentice. Since then Larry has made a name for himself city-wide and beyond with his company Vanishing Art. A few years ago began to make his own ice and has a humongous freezer/studio in his backyard (much to his wife’s dismay). He is constantly busy creating masterpieces for hotels, weddings, reunions and more. He has 14 sculptures to create in the next 8 weeks!IMG_0260

So that brings us back to the Swine Social. With a guy like that in charge….. there is absolutely NO pressure on me. Larry has been invaluable. We are so lucky to have him. He has taken charge of the event, ordered food, made plans for equipment, set our cost, the list goes on and on! It’s going to be a great event… Please join us on July 6th around 2pm at Doctor’s Park in Fox Point. Watch Larry in action in his “kitchen”, and make sure he has a cold beer while grilling!

See you soon!

Beth Brahe

PS. I have heard rumors there may be an ice sculpture involved. We may have a pig after all!

Need an Ice Sculpture? Contact or (414) 510-6118


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