Second Friday of the Month

May 10, 2013

WOW! Another great night with great people! Lisa Schmidman, MJ Whiting, Jon Wallace joined the group again – and this time Larry Bushner and Dawn (Chitwood) Wroblewski checked it out. Dawn drove all the way from Watertown :)!

We tossed around some ideas for “The ’82 Project” website, fundraising ideas, and talked about our willingness to get involved and reconnect with our class. That is what this group is about… the connection, we care about each other, our class and our world, plus it’s a flippin blast!

sec friFor many of us it is the first time ever talking to each other and for some it’s giving that old friend a hug. Lisa and I have been friends since kindergarten. We reconnected a few years ago and it turns out our kids are in the same school system, we live about a mile apart and she has the same wacky taste I do. She has 4 children, Gabby, who is currently starring in a musical called the Spring Awakening (check out her FB page for details), Jakey , an adorable 4th grader, and finally, Tiffany and Dereon, whom she has fostered for several years and is in the process of adopting. Lisa has come to each and every Second Friday. I think, like me, she is totally loving the connecting, talking, laughing, listening.

We are all the same age, all from the same place, we all know or know of the same people, yet all of us chose a different path. I love this group and I know you will too! Come join us next month…. We want to hear about you, your path and reconnect.

Beth B

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